Caring for your aluminium frame

Condor aluminium frames are handmade in Italy from high quality aluminium tubes. Aluminium frames require care and attention to ensure that corrosion doesn't set in.

Unlike steel frames, aluminium frames don't corrode as a result of water alone. In general, it is salt that causes aluminium frames to corrode — but water can act as a catalyst, spreading salt through the tubes. This can be salt from the roads or salt from sweat that is secreted from your body.

We offer a 5 year warranty on our aluminium frames, but this does not cover corrosion or any failure as a result of corrosion. It is vital that your frame is properly cared for.

Protection for the inside of your frame

Due to the way aluminium corrodes, there are not any particular treatments for the inside of your frame like there are for steel frames. The key is to keep the area frame clear in areas where salt water is likely to collect, such as the bottom bracket.

Protection for the outside of your frame

Keep the frame clean and free of excessive dirt and moisture. Ensure that chips are touched up in a timely fashion so that the aluminium is not exposed. We have touch up paint available for most colours.

After riding your bike

Particularly after riding in wet conditions, ensure that your frame is clean and free of moisture as much as possible. Water can get into the frame in many places, including the seat post. Even though there are drainage holes in the bottom bracket, water can still collect inside the frame, so it is worth removing the seat post and leaving the bike upside down for the water to exit and the frame dry out.

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