Caring for your steel frame

Condor steel frames are handmade in Italy from high quality steel tubes. Tubes of a high quality are typically triple-butted, which means that they are drawn out to be very thin in the areas where the frame is not under a great deal of stress. This saves weight and improves the ride quality, but the frame must be well looked after to ensure longevity. There is a common misconception that if you spend a lot of money on a steel frame that it doesn't require the care that a cheaper frame would, but the opposite is true.

Rust is the term that is commonly used for the corrosion and oxidation of iron and its alloys. Any material made with iron, like steel, that is exposed to oxygen and water will rust. All Condor steel frames are dipped in a rust inhibiting solution prior to being painted, which coats both the inside and outside of the frame. This provides a level of protection against rust, but it's important to understand that this does not prevent rust from occurring, particularly on the inside of the frame where there is not the protection from paint. Rust is both unsightly and can reduce the lifespan of the frame. It can also cause the frame to fail entirely.

We offer a 5 year warranty on our steel frames, but this does not cover rust or failure as a result of rust. It is, therefore, vital that your frame is properly cared for.

Steel frames can even rust when left in unheated or damp rooms such as sheds or garages. Just because it is not directly exposed to the elements does not mean that the environment will not cause it to rust.

Protection for the inside of your frame

A second rust inhibiting treatment provides a further defence against rust. It is advisable to reapply at regular intervals depending on how often the bike is used and in what weather. We recommend ProGold Steel Frame Protector.

Protection for the outside of your frame

Keep the frame clean and free of excessive dirt and moisture. Ensure that chips are touched up in a timely fashion so that the steel is not exposed. We have touch up paint available for most colours.

After riding your bike

Particularly after riding in wet conditions, ensure that your frame is clean and free of moisture as much as possible. Water can get into the frame in many places, including the seat post. Even though there are drainage holes in the bottom bracket, water can still collect inside the frame, so it is worth removing the seat post and leaving the bike upside down for the water to exit and the frame dry out.

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