Understanding toe overlap

What is toe overlap?

If your foot is all the way forward and when you turn the wheel it touches your foot, this is toe overlap.

Why does toe overlap occur?

When a frame is designed, it is done so in such a way that ensures it handles well at speed, and so that you're positioned to be able to pedal with maximum efficiency. Sometimes toe overlap will occur as a result of these design decisions, but the design cannot be changed without negatively impacting the performance of the frame. Toe overlap will occur on most frames with a modern geometry, and more so on smaller frame sizes.

Is toe overlap a problem?

It is important to understand that toe overlap should not be considered a problem. Toe overlap does not mean there is an issue with the fit, the design of the frame, or anything else. When riding and cornering at normal speed, the front wheel will not turn far enough for your foot to hit the front wheel. It may become an issue when turning sharply at slow speeds; however, a change to your riding style is all that is required to eliminate it as an issue. It is important to learn to get your feet into the correct position before entering the corner, which becomes second nature after a small amount of practice.

If you are concerned about toe overlap or need any help with adjusting your riding style, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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