How to fit Condor Pioggia mudguards

Pioggia mudguards can be fitted to most bikes with mudguards eyelets.

Before you begin, check the clearance between the front fork leg is sufficient for the guard and that there is enough clearance between the brake and the tyre.

Tools to fit mudguards

Tools required

5 Allen key bolts
10 washers
Needle nose pliers
Compound side cutters
Permanent marker
Measuring tape
Allen keys - 2mm 
Suitable Allen key to for your bolts
Suitable Allen key or Torx key for the rear brake

Steps for installation

1. Fit grub screws into the black mudguard clips.

Fit the grub screws to the mudguard clips

2. Remove rear wheel and check Allen key bolt length

Begin at the rear wheel. Remove any blanking screws fitted into the eyelets of your frame. Check your Allen key bolts are of a suitable length and do not protrude into the chain and cassette.

Check the screw length

3. Fit the stays

Fit the screw and washers into the stay. Fit the stays to the frame. Loosely tighten the bolt.

Fit bolt and washers Fit the stays

4. Fit the mudguard bridge

Fit the mudguard clips to the end of the stays, but do not tighten. This is to ensure you are protected from the tips of the stays whilst completing the next steps.

Remove the rear wheel. Fit an Allen key bolt with the washer to the chainstay bridge, at the base of the guard.

Fit the bolt to chainstay bridge

5. Fit the mudguard in position

Remove the rear brake from the frame. There is no need to disconnect the brake cable.

Slide the mudguard bridge onto the guard and position it inline with the brake bridge hole. Refit the brake caliper over the guard. Loosely tighten the brake and mudguard bridge to the frame using Allen key or Torx key.

Brake bridge fixing

6. Position and trim the stays

Refit the rear wheel. Position the stays so they are spaced equally between the brake caliper and the end of the guard. 

Once the stays are in position, take off the mudguard clips and set aside. Use a permanent marker to mark each stay at the point where it meets the edge guard.

Measure 20mm below the mark you made, and make another mark. This second line is the trim point. Use compound side cutters to cut the stays at the second mark.

Mark the stays Measure the stay
Cut the stay with compound cutters A cut mudguard stay

7. Fit the mudguard clips

Slot the clips onto the trimmed stay and using an Allen key tighten the screw loosely around the edge of the guard. Then tighten the grub screw to fix the clip into position on the stay.

Fix the mudguard clips

8. Check the position of the guard

Ensure the guard is centred over the tyre. Check the radius of the guard follows the shape of the tyre equally. Make minor final adjustments to the clip positions and tighten the grub screws. Tighten the bolts at the stays, brake bridge, and chainstay bridge. Ensure the rear brake is set properly as per the manufacturer's instructions.

9. Secure the mudguard bridge

Remove the rear wheel. Using needle nose pliers, pinch the mudguard bridge tabs to fold them around the mudguard. There are four tabs that require compressing around the mudguard. Re-fit the rear wheel. The guard is now in position.

Compress the mudguard bridge tabs

10. Repeat the process for the front mudguard.

You do not need to affix the mudguard bridge for the front guard, as this is riveted to the guard.

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